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Post head

Split or rotten pole heads can be repaired instead of outright replacement. Following a complete inspection of the pole, a repair will allow the pole to regain its structural capacity. TDS Inspection is able to provide the diagnostics that will allow erection crews to repair these poles. We can also offer a drone photo service.

Woodpecker's Hole

Like post heads, woodpecker holes can also be repaired. Repairing these posts therefore becomes a very economical solution to this problem and allows the structural capacity of the post to be significantly increased.



Our teams are trained to perform structural diagnostics and repairs to power substation poles. The most common problems are rotten pole heads, internal column voids, woodpecker holes and the presence of vegetation on the ties.

Treatment against ants

The presence of carpenter ants in a pole causes the pole to deteriorate rapidly. There is a treatment for the ants and perhaps save the pole, depending on its condition, which will have to be inspected before resorting to this solution.